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February inspirations

We’re moved by the past. The future. Creation and innovation. Please enjoy what’s moved us this month and share what is inspiring you.

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January inspirations

It’s going to be an inspiring year full of unexpected delight. We can tell. Join us and let us know what you’ve found to be inspirational too.

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Your top 10 favorites

We’ve had a great time thinking, writing, and sharing ideas over the past year.

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December inspirations

It's warm. It's cool. And it's everything in-between. The PRI crew shares a bit of what's been inspiring us this month. Join us in sharing yours, won't you?

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A Marcom Award. Again!

PRI is excited to announce that we received not one, but two MarCom Gold Awards—an award for our website redesign completed for the Share and Care Foundation, and a second gold for the integrated marketing and promotional campaign for Wilshire Advisor Solutions. We’re adding these two new awards to the already long list of MarCom awards we've received since 2009.

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November inspirations

Even as the days grow shorter, our interests grow wider. Join us, won’t you, as we share what excites our imagination -- from hand lettering instruction delivered online, romance and US history, brilliant acting, the wonders of nature -- and just plain fun.

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October inspirations

October, the 10th month of the year, one of the seven months with 31 days, its entrance signals the crispness of fall, and its exit coincides with Halloween. It contains National Fire Prevention Week, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, and Freethought, Columbus, Alaska, Spirit, Apple, Mole, and Navy Days. It's also a new month for PRI, which means new inspirations to share. Here we tell you about new depression-era posters available from the Library of Congress, giving new life to old furniture, a family's journey to Mordor, original poetry from our in-house versifier, a love of fantasy football, turning apps into desserts (if only!), Martha Stewart's battle with some shady characters (go Martha!), a band that will knock your socks off (and they have "Disco" in their name, awesome), and "swaying" to some good ol' Dean Martin crooning. Check it out.

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Designer’s roundtable: PRI’s design team weighs in on Yahoo!’s new logo

After 30 days of previewing logos, Yahoo! finally presented their new logo design. PRI’s design team—Elena Nazzaro, Allyson Murphy, Dany Petraska, Rebecca Terranova, and Sara Reffler—weigh in on what they felt worked and what didn’t.

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September inspirations

Share in the things that we found educational, delightful and inspirational over the past month — from fine type to country fairs, real stories of exceeding one's personal best, the newly hatched and the oft' re-read. And more!

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