How to get the most out of the content you already have

Purpose and repurpose. In public speaking, you want to perfect one great presentation, and get in front of as many new audiences as possible. The same can be said of online content. In order to maintain a steady flow of high-value content you can often rework existing content to suit different communication channels, including your website, blogs, and social media.

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Why your brand requires a style guide

Branding and corporate identity. When you can you spot the difference at a glance between an ad from Tiffany’s, featuring the Tiffany-blue box and white satin ribbon; and an ad from Target, whose tagline “Expect more, pay less” underscores the benefit for consumers and the financial return for investors: well, that’s branding.

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The discipline of listen

There is nothing so annoying as to have two people talking when you're busy interrupting.
– Mark Twain

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Rinse that response right out of your head: Try I don’t know

Are we afraid to say “I don’t know”? I’d argue that it frees us up to pursue an answer, with the freedom that comes from full transparency. We are on a mission. It may be counterintuitive, but you build trust when you say “I don’t know.” It’s way better than “I think so.”

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TechnoService with a smile

Judging from the outside looking in, the potential of an innovation may be evaluated through one's lived experience. So one might suspect. When I first began to use Dropbox I experienced some relief from the compulsive backing up onto a growing accumulation of disks, and celebrated the ease of use. The model worked well. I readily shared it with my friends. Getting it right can lead to big things.

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Think you know PowerPoint? Think again—Part II

Part I of our article dealt with the mechanics of how to set up an effective slide. Here we deal with YOU, the presenter.

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Think you know PowerPoint? Think again—Part I

You may be an old hand with PowerPoint. You may be the main person crafting the slides, and you may even be the one who actually has to get up and present. Or maybe you’ve never touched it and it’s sitting in your applications folder, mocking you. Either way, whether you think you know it all or you think you know nothing, think again.

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Lessons from a spelling bee

Our town recently held a spelling bee for all 4th and 5th graders across all the elementary schools. Having three kids who fell right into that range, my 5th grader, who we’ll call S, signed up, so immediately our 4th-grade twins P and A had to get in on it too. Sure! More spelling!

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Webinar excellence: Slide forward with style

A webinar audience is a special challenge. They are at work. Therefore, your presentation must answer the question: How does this benefit me? Otherwise, they will go right back to work. Ideally the slide should illustrate your idea in a word or an image. A slide should be easy to comprehend and command immediate interest; it’s a dramatic way to use content and keep your audience engaged. Otherwise, when each new slide comes into view, the human reaction is to start reading them. The more complex the slide, the greater effort your audience must make, fracturing their attention even more. Your slides will be understood visually, with the bulk of your audience's attention on you, the speaker.

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