Put your house in order: A general contractor for marketing and communications

You have just purchased a lovely fixer-upper of a house. It will need renovation from top to bottom. The project can feel overwhelming, so what do you do? You call a general contractor.

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TechnoService with a smile

Judging from the outside looking in, the potential of an innovation may be evaluated through one's lived experience. So one might suspect. When I first began to use Dropbox I experienced some relief from the compulsive backing up onto a growing accumulation of disks, and celebrated the ease of use. The model worked well. I readily shared it with my friends. Getting it right can lead to big things.

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Think you know PowerPoint? Think again—Part I

You may be an old hand with PowerPoint. You may be the main person crafting the slides, and you may even be the one who actually has to get up and present. Or maybe you’ve never touched it and it’s sitting in your applications folder, mocking you. Either way, whether you think you know it all or you think you know nothing, think again.

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Have you any coupons today? Check your phone.

Coupon clipping? Most of us have, at least once. Receive a discount price for something you were going to purchase, regardless. That's a good thing. You’re ahead of the game by a few cents or more –and the sponsor gets customer loyalty and feet through the door. Business Week reports on a version of the grocery market circular on e-roids—how McDonalds is testing the concept of pushing coupons into your smartphone with an app called “McD”, and pulling customers through its golden arches. Kevin Newell, chief brand and strategy officer for McDonald’s U.S. calls it product engagement. Technically, the roll-out is easier for company operations to implement than mobile payment apps like the one introduced by Starbucks, or one requiring even more sophisticated operational changes like an app that allows one to order for takeout via smartphone.

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Cloud hosting: Selecting the right option

Choosing where to host your website can be difficult given all the available options. The most cost-effective and scalable solution points toward using cloud-based servers. To help explain the differences between the three main hosting options let’s start with soda.

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Social media with style: Protect your brand

Readers of The Works! understand that one’s brand identity is, in essence, a promise. “Look at us. Consider these positive attributes every time you think of us.”

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Three awesome notation and quality assurance tools

After months of planning, copywriting, designing, developing, and testing for a new website project or application, the day has finally come . . . launch day! While much work has been spent testing your project for technical errors, cross-browser style issues, and typos, it’s almost inevitable that more work needs to be done. With that preface I give you my top three favorite tools for tracking bugs and errors internally, by clients and/or end users.

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March inspirations

Join us as we “slow down and enjoy the good moments in life.”

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February inspirations

The folks at PRI pause to reflect each month on the things that capture our attention and imagination. Join us as we resolve, read, innovate, plant, play, and cherish.

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